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October 10, 2016 Media Advisory: Jacksonville-Onslow Disaster Relief Fund activated upon declared county state of emergency.

The Jacksonville-Onslow Disaster Relief Fund (JODRF), administered by United Way of Onslow County, has been activated based upon the declared state of emergency for the county in the wake of Hurricane Matthew.

The Fund, supported by local businesses and the community, was created to alleviate unmet needs which insurance or government funding is unable to address by distributing short-term funds as quickly as possible following a disaster.

United Way of Onslow County serves as a centralized, community clearinghouse for financial donations to aid in the recovery after disasters. 100% of donations will go towards local disaster relief. United Way and recipient agencies are prohibited from using disaster relief funds for administrative costs.

Funds are evaluated and distributed via applications submitted from Disaster Relief Providers (DRPs) -- not individuals -- for the use of survivors within Onslow County and included jurisdictions only.

Nonprofit, 501(c)3 agencies, that provide disaster relief services, are eligible to register as a Disaster Relief Provider and apply for funds.

Eligible agencies interested in applying for funds can visit www.uwonslow.org/disaster-relief-fund to register and apply. Individuals interesting in making a donation to assist Onslow County in the wake of this disaster can text the words onslowdisaster to 91999 to make a tax deductible donation today.



 United Way of Onslow County sought to develop a response to unmet needs following the natural disasters of 2011 that devastated areas of Onslow County.  United Way was then approached to administer a donation from local members of the NC Automobile Dealers Association, earmarked for assisting victims after natural disasters. The intent of the donors was for funds to be distributed through a vetted process where multiple organizations could apply to provide short-term relief services and long-term recovery assistance to those in need.  Thus, the Jacksonville-Onslow Disaster Relief Fund was established, to serve as a centralized clearinghouse for financial donations to aid in the recovery after disasters.  Based on United Way’s current model for raising and distributing funds to vetted, local agencies, the Disaster Relief Fund will help bridge the funding gap by establishing the first fund of its kind in Onslow County.

How It Works 

In the event of a disaster, the Jacksonville-Onslow Disaster Relief Fund Committee, composed of interested community members who have a vested interest in disaster response and recovery, will convene to make immediate funding recommendations to United Way, utilizing applications received and reviewed against guidelines prepared in advance.  The funds will be distributed to vetted nonprofits that serve Onslow County residents only.  United Way will take no administrative fees for distributing the fund.
Below are the funding request forms, reporting forms, and a Provider Reference Guide.

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