Diana King Barnes

Director of Community Impact

Diana King Barnes is a remarkable individual who has made a lasting impact through her entrepreneurial ventures and unwavering commitment to her family, faith, and community. With a heart dedicated to making a positive difference, she has achieved remarkable milestones throughout her life.

Diana King Barnes, born to Annie King and the late Johnnie Earl King, Diana values her family above all else. She shares a deep bond with her three siblings: Pam, Donald, and Johnny Ray. Diana's own family is a testament to her enduring love and commitment. She has been married to her beloved husband, Tommy Barnes, for an impressive 34 years, finding immense joy in their union. Together, they are proud parents to three wonderful young adults - Jamar, Dianesha, and Corryn. Furthermore, Diana's role as a MeMe to five talented and courageous grandbabies fills her heart with pride and joy.

Diana's faith in God serves as the cornerstone of her life. As a devoted member of Mount Sinai Christian Church, she places her trust in the divine in all her endeavors. This unwavering faith informs her decision-making and underscores her values.

Education has played a significant role in Diana's journey. She graduated from Richlands High School in 1983 and continued her pursuit of knowledge at the University of Mount Olive, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Leadership. Her dedication to personal growth led her to become a certified Real Colors Facilitator and a Life and Grief Coach, demonstrating her commitment to helping others navigate life's challenges.

Diana's impact extends far beyond her educational achievements. She has received numerous community awards, a testament to her dedication and the positive influence she has had on those around her. She humbly attributes these accomplishments to God's grace, emphasizing the importance of giving praise where it's due.

Currently, Diana serves as the Director of Community Impact at United Way of Onslow County and actively contributes to her community through a variety of roles. Her involvement includes being the Chairman of the Richlands Chamber of Commerce, and an Advisory Board Member for the Brigade Boys and Girls Club of Onslow County. She also lends her expertise to the advisory boards of Peers and the Eastern Carolina Human Service Agency.

Diana's commitment to making a difference extends to her roles in various organizations, including being the Current District Deputy Matron of the Order of Eastern Star for District 7 and a Past Matron of Richlands Chapter Order of Eastern Star (PHA). She also serves as the Vice President of Richlands Rotary and provides guidance to the diversity, equity, and inclusion task force through Rotary District #7730.

As a testament to her desire to uplift others, Diana founded Divine Seeds of Hope, Inc, a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit organization. The mission of this organization is to address the equity gap in communities of color, particularly among African Americans. Diana and her team empower individuals with essential resources and educational seminars on a range of topics, including financial literacy, effective communication, mental health awareness, life skills training, and grief coping strategies. Her unwavering passion and mission are rooted in education, and her mantra, "Together We Make a Difference," reflects her daily commitment to making this vision a reality for all.

Diana's dedication to her community and her belief in the transformative power of faith and education make her a beacon of hope and inspiration for those fortunate enough to know her. Her involvement in coaching softball and basketball in the Richlands area during the '90s is a testament to her love for people and her desire to see them flourish into their fullest potential. Diana firmly believes in the divine timing of personal elevation, emphasizing the importance of staying humble and recognizing that it is ultimately about God and not ourselves.

In summary, Diana King Barnes is a woman of immense character, faith, and dedication. Her entrepreneurial spirit, commitment to education, and unwavering devotion to her family and community have made her a true force for positive change. Through her actions and her nonprofit organization, Divine Seeds of Hope, Inc, she continues to sow the seeds of hope and empowerment, fostering a brighter future for all.