CHEW Challenge

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Over 5,000 children in Onslow County have been identified as critically in need of food. Childhood hunger is not an option in our caring community!

Take a bite out of childhood hunger and take the CHEW Challenge

How it works:

To participate in the CHEW CHALLENGE

  • Pledge to donate $30 or 30 food items in 30 days

  • To donate money, text the word APPLE to 91999 and complete your donation via your smartphone.

  • To donate food items, see a list of the best foods to donate and deliver to the United Way office

  • Use your smartphone and film yourself reciting the script below. End your video by biting into an apple.

  • Encourage individual adults/students/teams/businesses/clubs to accept the CHEW Challenge!

The Script:

Hi! I’m (state your name) and I accepted the CHEW Challenge by donating $30.00 or 30 food items (only state what you will donate) to feed one local child. I call out (name your friends that you are calling out) to accept the challenge within 30 days. For more details visit, Hear the Beat So Kids Can Eat. (End with tapping on your stomach or an object.)

Other Details and Suggestions:

Make your video memorable by:

  • Make it funny

  • Include props such as actual cash or food donated

  • Tag not only the people you call out, but others you think may enjoy your video

Use all 3 of these Hashtags in all posts:


Once you have completed your video, you can still encourage others and keep the momentum going by posting some of these statuses or tweets to your Facebook or Twitter accounts

"Have you accepted the CHEW Challenge?" "Have you visited yet?"

CHEW Challenge T-Shirts:

T-Shirts are available to purchase for $20.00.
Encourage your friends to purchase shirts!
Post pictures to social media of you and your friends in your CHEW Challenge T-Shirts
To purchase text APPLE to 91999