Golden Rule Lightkeeper/Fabric of the Community Award Luncheon

April 18, 2023
11:30 am

Golden Rule

The Golden Rule Lightkeeper Award recognizes the community’s volunteer that go the extra mile to help the community become a better place for all our residents.  The Golden Rule Lightkeeper Award is the community’s highest level of recognition for deserving volunteers. In addition to the Golden Rule Lightkeeper Award, we have partnered with the City of Jacksonville and the Fabric of Our Community award recipients.

Nominations are due by 5 pm on February 24, 2023

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  • Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society
  • U.S. Coast Guard Special Mission
  • Continuum Hospice Volunteers
  • Sleeping Mats Mission Volunteers
  • The Beasley Family
  • Onslow Community Outreach Soup Kitchen Volunteers
  • Howard Funk, Sam Bright & John Kopka
  • Navy Marine Corps Relief Society Volunteers
  • Russell Eve & Cassandra Humbert
  • Onslow Literacy Council Volunteer Tutors
  • Dr. Jim & Dr. Virginia Wilson
  • Jacksonville/Onslow Crimestoppers
  • Christmas Cheer Eligiblilty & Admin Groups
  • Home Delivered Meal Drivers
  • The Tuesday Crew @ The CHEW House
  • Mt. Carmel Helpsn
  • Dr. Wade Turlington
  • Annie Chivers
  • Charles Kimbrough
  • Samuel Potter
  • Collette Boyd
  • Holly Coffer
  • Dr. Bob Turlington
  • Helen Miller
  • Preston Taylor
  • Grethel Humphrey
  • Anna Marie Cancelli
  • Joshua Eudy
  • Tim Moore
  • Devon Wheeler
  • William “Bill” Hines
  • Judy Murphy
  • Tom Mahlum (Posthumously)
  • Dr. Karen Hargett
  • Justin & Jeffery Condry
  • Onslow Memorial Hospital VolunTeens
  • Zachary Cushine
  • Michele McCauley
  • Carol Ann Schwarzenbach
  • Andrei Yournet
  • Elizabeth Nowlin
  • Dan Linh Ngueyn
  • Reina Abruzzo
  • Juliette Desmarais
  • Onslow Memorial Hospital VolunTeens
  • Ryan Warren
  • River Toler
  • Rylie Jordan Kies
  • Eli Medina
  • Cody Williams
  • Cathy Burns
  • Alicia Alford
  • Dawn Jensen
  • Shanta “Tae” Cooks
  • John Papurca
  • Donna Gargett
  • Anne-Marie Brummer
  • Shyrissa Dobbins-Harris
  • Kathleen Canby
  • Nivedita (Mini) Mittal
  • Curtis Hildt